Vagabond Summer

This awesome travel blog exemplifies the traveling spirit. I hope you all have the opportunity to see it for yourselves. Which reminds me,

Each month I will try to find the best travel writing that provides a clear example of the traveling spirit I mentioned before. The criteria for this includes writing that is travel based and strictly non-commercial. Ideally, I’m looking for amateur works that can help inspire others to cultivate some writing of their own. It’s my hope that to feature the smaller samples will do a lot in terms of providing some well deserved exposure.

Vagabond Summer is terrific in the sense that it deals with things locally in the US. A lot of the travel writing you’ll find here essentially details some great pieces about how the US remains one of the top destinations for small time travelers. It exemplifies the traveling spirit in the sense that it shows you even your own backyard functions as an exotic destination in certain cases.

Very nice travel writing from our new friends at Vagabond Summer!



The Travel Spirit

Awhile back I proposed one very direct question: where in the world will you go if you had the choice? I hope you had more than enough time to make that decision!

But first allow me to explain why I propose the question. There’s something highly imaginative about travel. Regardless of the destination that awaits us, just the idea of traveling to the other side of the globe has a tendency to stir some wild thoughts. I refer to this as the traveling spirit.

The traveling spirit is in all of us. Whether traveling to a neighboring state or clear across international waters, we all get the itch from our traveling spirit to see a new change of scenery now and again. Embracing the spirit of travel is perhaps the strongest way I can think of to realize your full personality. There’s something about leaving yourself that allows you to find yourself.

I tried to answer the question I proposed to you initially for a good amount of time. I realized there’s no one destination I could possibly choose to travel — I’d have to see it all for myself. That’s just the way my life has panned out.

So you may not have an answer yourself and that’s okay. Now you can start crossing all the other places off your list and move toward a clearer answer.

Where Will You Go?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Forget about the kids, the dog and the job for a moment. What if you could go anywhere – no strings attached – and got to see the world?

This site is dedicated to the traveling spirit, that desire inside of us that gets us moving across the globe. It’s okay to have the itch for travel, there’s perhaps no better way to expand your perspective of other cultures and lifestyles than to experience them first hand. Get motivated and get moving!